Wedding Rings

Finding wedding rings is an important part of wedding planning. Let The Knot help you find the perfect wedding rings that you and your partner will wear for the rest of your lives. The wedding ring gallery on The Knot is a collection of men’s wedding rings and wedding rings for women of all different styles. Find wedding rings sets in white gold, rose gold, platinum, silver, or other metals. You can search by stone shape to find a wedding band that perfectly matches your engagement ring.

Budget First, Shop Second

There is a lot to consider when it comes to browsing our selection of wedding rings for women and men and picking out the perfect one. Of course, style and metal are certainly important, but price plays a big factor, too. Prior to shopping for the perfect ring, first consider your budget. Do you want to stick to a specific price range or do you have some wiggle room to work with? When you set yourself some boundaries, it allows you to better narrow down the options. Regardless of the number you might have in mind, you’ll find countless men’s and women’s wedding rings that match your ideal range.

How Much Do Women’s Wedding Rings Cost?

The price of wedding rings varies based on a number of factors. First, consider the kind of metal you want, as this could impact the price tag. For example, a gold ring may be more expensive than a silver band. You’ll also find the simpler designs, which are less intricate, tend to be more affordable than the more elaborate wedding bands. If you’re looking for one with diamonds or gemstones, the more embellished and more stones it has, the pricier it may be. What’s more, you might find that the price tag on wedding rings for women may differ depending on the designer and the brand. Browse through our selection of wedding bands and you’ll see that each ring has a “$” symbol next to it. The more symbols you see, the more expensive it is compared to one with fewer symbols. Following this is a smart way to gauge the price range when you’re getting to know the inventory.

Different Style Wedding Bands

Once you have a handle on your budget and the different price ranges available, now the real fun can begin! Set your price range filter and then begin exploring all the options. Narrow down the choices by gender and search through the women’s selection or go for the men’s options first. Check out the different kinds of metals, such a white gold and platinum. Keep in mind, most brides like their wedding bands to match the metal used in their engagement ring. The same goes for if you’re on the hunt for wedding bands with diamonds or gemstones–you’ll want them to match the proposal ring as well.

Discover the Perfect Wedding Bands for You

Whatever your financial situation may be, The Knot has all sorts of men’s and women’s wedding bands that will exceed your expectations. Browse our selection today and get ready to reveal your rings at the altar.