Every day when I’d to walk to school, I’d pass a bridal boutique on my route. The older I got, the longer I’d stare, nose practically pressed at against the window, taking in every detail of the gorgeous wedding dresses before me. My obsession with bridal gowns has only intensified in adulthood, and even though I tied the knot four years ago, I still find myself pouring over wedding atelier Instagram accounts, lapping up the lace, tulle and embellishment like an addict.

Much like fashion, wedding dress trends also come and go. Over the years, we’ve seen everything from Bardot necklines to ombré hems peak in popularity, only to quietly take a backseat when new silhouettes, textures and details come to the design forefront. So what’s next? I’m glad you asked. Instead of looking into a crystal ball, I went straight to the source—New York’s Bridal Fashion Week—to decode the top wedding dress trends in 2020. And what I saw makes me want to get married all over again. So keep scrolling to see what 2020 has in store when it comes to wedding dress trends.