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The 11 Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2020

The wedding industry steadily outdoes itself with the wedding trends we see today. And wedding dress designers are not left out, as they keep wowing us with the best trends on the runways. It’s more profound that there are wedding dresses to suit all wedding hairstyles and even pieces of jewelry you can imagine.

Minimalist, classic, modern, and every kind of bride has something to suit their personalities and wedding theme ideas. Designers threw it back, bringing the old world charm and added new school twists to suit the present day. From the vintage beaded wedding dress to corsets, ruffles, dramatic sleeves, pants, florals, and laces. There are so many exciting varieties.


  1. Nature’s essence

For 2020, the beauty of nature is well brought to fore by exceptional designers. It brings us to the awareness that there’s a lot of untapped beauty in life. With nature’s motifs being well played into perfection, designers have taken on the challenge to raise the bar. You’d find them in embroidered masterpieces, 3D appliques, petals, beaded laces to fluttery leaves.

Designers like Theia bridal outdid herself by introducing microcrystals and beaded vines with outstanding detailing. For every dress, you’d see the essence of nature’s perfection, a fairytale story. For Kate Halfpenny, it was the birds’ nests in her garden that sourced her inspiration. With an ever-supportive mother, she got her to hand-cut taffeta in gossamer silk.

This was, of course, saved from her past collections. We won’t forget Viktor and Rolf with its garden signature dress trends. This design maneuvered its way into incorporating sculptural wisterias into their collection. The nature-loving bride will say yes to this, as these designs have out nature in the spotlight.

  1. Pearl glory

Pearls are exquisite, sophisticated, and ever timeless. They’ve served royalties and the crème of the society for generations. And now, they’re back in town and showcasing themselves everywhere. From pieces of jewelry to embellishments and other fashion-forward stunts. To match the 2020 wedding trends, designers have decided that sweet modern brides deserve a touch of class. So you’ll find them in intricate detailing on skirts to give royal feedback. Carolina Herrera also does justice to pearls as she marshals them atop her wedding dress with a bow on the back. It creates a panel that compliments the billowing bow, giving it a bold look. With sale wedding dresses, she forms a mist of pearl to the fluttery sleeves. As the sleeves flutter, we’d see a dusting of pearly goodness that we can’t get over. Anne Barge doesn’t miss the lineup as she does a perfect double layer epaulet. One that stays timeless through seasons. You’d also find them along with waistlines, making smart belts on bridal dresses.

  1. Vintage 21st-century lace

The truth is that, except for Florals, lace remains one timeless element of bridal ensembles. It has come through generations and keeps evolving. The way it has transitioned from the favored bohemian aesthetic to contemporary details of a vintage silhouette is divine.

Edem, a label from Russia, performs wonders by taking on the empire waist slip of the empress Josephine- esque dress. To this waist slip, it introduces a creative mix of embroidery to give off a rebellious element. Empire waist wedding dresses have never seen more goodness. We also see Laure de sagazan bring alive the chic Parisian vibe with high neck and short sleeve French lace crop tops. The combine with skirts to enforce the serene ambiance of Paris.


  1. Reinvented sleeves

From the Elizabeth era to the Victorian era, we’ve seen dramatic and stunning sleeves that never go out of style. But Sophie ET Viola did a number on her wedding dress with sleeves and lace. With a modern twist, she reinvents and transforms the voluminous sleeves of the Elizabeth era into something appealing for the modern bride.

The legendary designer Rime Arodaky delves into the excess of the 80s. Rime introduces a music-themed overblown pouf, highlighted by Duran Duran. Vera Wang shows up in her ‘A’ game by incorporating a grunge twist into the Victoria leg O’ mutton shapes. The designer of the Zoe Kravitz bridal biker ride shorts,

Danielle Frankel goes back to the 19th century. She takes the empire waist gown and puts her signature on it by creating deconstructed shoulder puffs with futuristic insights. Dramatic sleeves will trend in the year 2020, especially for bold, exciting, and unconventional brides. Something to give more sass, class, and old-world attitude to the wearer.


  1. Flutter sleeves from the 70s

Going back to the 70s, designers have dragged out the flutter sleeve wedding dress. And true to their creativity, they’ve managed to make it one of the best aesthetics for a wedding in 2020. They’ve taken out the dullness and drama associated with flutters and replaced them with a modern vibe.

Eisen-Stein or Watters dresses show off their skills by introducing soft lace ruffles to on or off-shoulder ‘A’ line skirted gowns. This gives off the sassy carefree, free-spirited, and chic vibe to the dress.

Valentino Sose also churns out stunning wedding dresses with structured layers on the shoulders for the elegant bride. Sophie ET Viola wows us yet again with a fluted three-quarter sleeve in the perfect detailing we’ve seen. Overall, we get a direct chic minimalist collection for the season of 2020 wedding trends.


  1. Limitless corset

The wedding dress corset makes it into 2020 dress trends with varieties from Victorian to Elizabeth era. Lela Rose and Amsale offer the laid back and shy spaghetti-strapped versions of wedding dress lacy slip. But Danielle Frankel makes out a voluminous tulle high-low bubble gown with a cone bra. This bra is divine and punked out in silky satin.

Galia Lahav and Mira Zwillinger grace 2020 with a panel gown with an outer boning illusion. It gives a feel of the corset over a dress. And for Zac Posen, he reinvented his signature bustier of the red carpet for his “white one” debut. Merge this into his clean, sculptural ball gown, and you have something utterly gorgeous. These inclusions are well detailed to give the bride a perfect midriff and downright sexy bosoms. Whether shy or bold, every bride can comfortably rock one.

  1. Whimsical shoulder draping

Going decades back, we discover that whimsical shoulder draping takes inspiration from the retro days. It goes further to enhance the romantic appeal of the reigning silhouette styles. Savannah Miller does justice to this style by offering a stunning minimalist alternative to this timeless slip dress. Stepping forward, Grace Kelly is elegantly channeled by Carolina Herrera and Anna Barge in their masterpieces. A perfect symbol of sophistication and minimalism.

The laid back tulle layers by Mira Zwillinger tell a different story. The straps fall free without a care in the world, looking all whimsical with attitude and sass. The whimsical shoulder draping on any dress gives the bride more poise while maintaining simplicity. They look all dramatic, but the calmness is in the drama.

  1. Trendy bridal pantsuits

Brides are getting fashionably bolder and veering from the norm of girly dresses. Playsuits, overalls, pantsuits, and jumpsuits are welcome alternatives to wedding dresses. Hence, they are must-have elements of a modern and fashion-forward bridal ward bridal wardrobe. See them in their varieties of artistically tailored tuxedos made to fit the feminine silhouette. Lesbian brides will have a thrill with this one as it lets them channel their inner boss chic.

If you’re not in favor of tuxes, buy into the stunning separates, which can be easily paired with different items. It indicates that one doesn’t have to wear an all matching ensemble when you can work with a variety. The suave French lace overall also makes a debut, as it strikes a balance between chic and romance. Perfect for the beach and garden-themed wedding, this one gains ground.

Sahroo’s bridal close by giving us a crop top that’s made out of recyclable glass crystal. Match it to a top pant and finish with or without a breathtaking robe. Pants so far, have become a dream for new age weddings.

  1. Athletic necklines

Over the years, it’s been sweetheart, canoe shapes, plunging, off the shoulder or strapless necklines. It helps the brides bring on their sexy ‘A’ game. But there’s a new sporty trend of necklines which is the high neck halter silhouettes dresses. They come correct with limitless choices in skirt silhouettes. Make your pick from ball gown to mermaid, ‘A’ line to slips. Smart up with your choice of adornments such as florals, full beading, embroidery, or other forms of intricate embellishments.

You’ve been working out and want to show off your toned arms, or how good burpees have been to you? Do you feel like a little more support or coverage for the bosom area? Or you want to be a sporty girl for your nuptials? The high halter neck sleeveless wedding dress is your surest best. It shows off only as much as you need out there while flattering your body.

  1. Dreamy sparkles

Sparkles made their gamut on the 2020 bridal runway following a metallic spectrum. A parade of beauty never before seen in such high end aesthetic. These sparkling masterpieces do a seamless job of transitioning the bride from ceremony to reception and after-party. There’s a lot to be beginning with the “it’s time to party” sequins at Aussie-label. This was a pick by One Day and is just perfect for whiling the night away.

Reception perfect sparkles in gold beaded fringes did a great job of blowing our minds away. Romantic with a bit of daring, it’s what boomerangs are genuinely made for. To bling through the eyes of guests, the runway showcased intricately gilded embroidery. This brings all the attention to the bride by catching the lights. It’s her day after all. And if you’re pining for more oomph and grace, favor the crystal and gemstone embellishments. It’s all shades of royalty and elegance


  1. New age prairie ruffles

The street style prairie dress craze comes to the runway with a modern bridal spin to it. Check out the expert hands of Lela rose bridal as it makes out the perfect bubbly pony de spirit tulle. This is combined with a single flounce to give the perfect finish. Theia shows up with a Frida Kahlo inspired fuchsia masterpiece. A bridal cynosure complete with silk organza ruffle tiers.

In a new twist, we see ruffles in Sahroo’s collared robe layers over expertly tailored hot pants. What makes everything most interesting is the play of colors. And the seamless incorporation of ruffles into the modern-day. Bridal designers have made ruffles appealing. Very busy, but ethereal at the same time.

For the love of creativity, let’s look at 11 top 2020 wedding trends to hit us in dresses.

Wedding trends on our list are dramatic, minimalist, sophisticated, or classics. Read up and stay fashionably inspired by the best trends.



Baughman Center

The Baughman Center is a stunning, elegant contemplation space in the heart of the University of Florida campus. Designed to bring the picturesque outdoor setting inside, the soaring windows and delicate natural materials echo the serene Florida surroundings. There’s no question why this is considered one of the most beautiful, peaceful spots in Gainesville.

The Baughman Center is open to the public for private contemplation on weekdays. It also frequently hosts private events such as weddings and memorial services.


The Baughman Center is open to the public for private contemplation on weekdays. The venue is closed to the public on weekends but is often used to host private events such as weddings and memorial services. Please be courteous and do not take pictures on the bridge or walk up to the building while event signs are posted. The parking lot is also reserved for events during these times. Your vehicle is subject to being towed if you park during an event. Thank you for your cooperation!

Baughman Center & Administration Building Hours :
Monday – Thursday: 8 am – 5:30 pm
Friday: 8 am – 5 pm
Closed: The Baughman Center is closed on all University recognized holidays and home football games. View the UF Holiday Calendar »


For more information, to check availability, or to schedule a venue tour, please contact the Baughman Center Manager at 352.294.0049 or via email at

Additional Information

About the Baughman Center
    The Baughman Center is a stunning, elegant contemplation space in the heart of the University of Florida campus. Designed to bring the picturesque outdoor setting inside, the soaring windows and delicate natural materials echo the serene Florida surroundings. From travertine marble floors to the hardwood paneled ceiling, this is one of the most peaceful, beautiful spots in Gainesville.

    The Baughman Center is open to the public for private contemplation on weekdays. On weekends, it often hosts private events such as weddings and memorial services. The facility consists of two buildings: the Baughman Center itself and a small administration building. The Baughman Center has fixed bench seating accommodating 96 people. The administrative building contains a staff office, a holding/ready room, and men and women’s restroom facilities.

    The architect responsible for the Baughman Center’s design is John Zona. He is also the architect responsible for Mandi’s Chapel, located near Live Oak. In addition to being a past recipient of the Judges’ Award from Keep Alachua County Beautiful, the Baughman Center was ranked third on the Florida Architecture: 100 Years, 100 Places list published by the Florida Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

    For information about renting the Baughman Center for your event, rental policies and rates please visit the Venue Rental page or contact the Baughman Center office.

    We are always thrilled when someone considers the Baughman Center as the venue for a wedding! Anyone can be married at the Baughman Center regardless of their cultural background, faith or affiliation with the University. Our experienced and dedicated staff handles more than 100 weddings a year and is available to assist you every step of the way from your initial reservation to “I Do.” Availability is limited, so please call the Baughman Center office before finalizing your plans.

    Parking spaces for patrons with disabilities are located in front of the administration building.

    Wheelchair seating is available on both the left and right sides of the Baughman Center in the first and last rows. In addition, a gently sloped ramp allows guests in wheelchairs access to the stage/platform in front of the large picture window.

    Restrooms in the administration building of the Baughman Center provide facilities for those with disabilities.

Directions and Parking
    The Baughman Center is located at the intersection of Radio and Museum Roads, on the University of Florida campus, with convenient access from I-75 at the Archer Road or Newberry Road exits.

    982 Museum Road, Gainesville, FL 32611-2548

    UF Campus MapGoogle Map

    Parking for the Baughman Center is available near the Administration Building adjacent to the Baughman Center. Parking is limited and restricted to Baughman Center patrons and guests only. University of Florida decals are not honored. One-day passes are issued at the Baughman Center administration office in the service building adjacent to the Baughman Center. Parking passes are not required for weddings or wedding rehearsals, which are only held during hours not regulated by campus parking restrictions.

    Parking spaces for patrons with disabilities are located next to the administration building and on the north side of the parking lot.

    DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Please allow ample time for travel and parking prior to events.
    Please Note: The Baughman Center parking entrance is just south of the intersection of Radio Road and Museum Drive. Some GPS devices will take drivers to the area of Corry Village Apartments instead of the Baughman Center. So please also use a map to supplement GPS directions (click here for a Google map).

    From NW US 441
    Slight right toward NW 43rd St
    Continue straight onto NW 43rd St
    Turn left onto NW 16th Blvd
    Turn right onto NW 34th St
    Turn left onto Radio Rd

    From I-75 N toward Lake City
    Take exit 382 for FL-121 N toward Gainesville
    Turn left onto FL-121 N/FL-331 N/SE Williston Rd
    Take the 1st left onto FL-121 N/SW 34th St
    Turn right onto Radio Rd

    From FL-24 W/NE Waldo Rd
    Turn right onto State Rd 26 W/W University Ave
    Turn left onto SW 13th St
    Turn right onto Museum Rd
    Continue straight to stay on Museum Rd
    Baughman Center will be on the left



75 Ideas for a Rustic Wedding


75 Ideas for a Rustic Wedding

Barn weddings have never been more popular, but you don’t need to hold your wedding on a farm to get a rustic vibe. Here are some of our favorite ideas for a country-inspired celebration.

By: Kristen Klein

Enter Slideshow

  • Attire

    Attire -152222

    Dress down your bridal party with cowboy boots and jeans; make your groom stand out by adding a blazer.

    Photo Credit: Brandy Angel Photography

  • Attire

    Printed dresses — with pockets! — are the perfect level of formality for the occasion.

    Photo Credit: Jennifer Weems Photography

  • Bouquet

    The rustic bouquet is purposely imperfect. Choose an arrangement that looks like you could’ve plucked it right out of the garden.

    Photo Credit: Casey Durgin Photography

  • Bouquet

    Shades of white combined with loose greenery reflect the more laid-back vibe of a rustic wedding.

    Photo Credit: Two One Photography

  • Bouquet

    Instead of bouquets, give each bridesmaid a mini vase of baby’s breath in a twine-wrapped Mason jar to carry down the aisle.

    Photo Credit: Andie Freeman Photography

  • Ceremony Ideas

    Greet your guests with a chalkboard wedding menu propped up by bales of hay.

    Photo Credit: Amber Green Photography

  • Ceremony Ideas

    Host your ceremony in front of an outdoor wedding chapel.

    Photo Credit: POPography

  • Ceremony Ideas

    Let your flower girl reflect your rustic vibe with a crown of ivy in her hair and a moss-covered basket to hold her petals.

    Photo Credit: Elmer Escobar Photography

  • Ceremony Ideas

    Give your flower girls a burlap-trimmed banner to introduce the bride.

    Photo Credit: Town and Country Studios

  • Transportation

    What could be more fun than going for a ride in a horse-drawn wagon?

    Photo Credit: Orange Photographie

  • Transportation

    Make a memorable exit with a wheelbarrow!

    Photo Credit: Jessica Holley Photography

  • Escort Cards

    Attach your escort cards to cheerful billy balls, arranged in recycled wooden boxes topped with moss.

    Photo Credit: Choco Studio

  • Escort Cards

    Write each guest’s name on a leaf.

    Photo Credit: CLB Photography

  • Escort Cards

    Use pine cones to hold your guests’ table assignments.

    Photo Credit: Two One Photography

  • Reception Ideas

    Print some of your favorite engagement photos on canvases, and display them on antler photo stands.

    Photo Credit: Jennifer Weems Photography

  • Reception Ideas

    Instead of a traditional vase, use a stack of terra-cotta pots adorned with moss.

    Photo Credit: Evin Photography

  • Reception Ideas

    Pendant banners and icicle lights illuminate this barn wedding.

    Photo Credit: Eric Vest Photography

  • Reception Ideas

    Twinkling lights, candles, and branch centerpieces are all you need to create a rustic yet glamorous vibe.

    Photo courtesy of Rustic Wedding Chic

  • Reception Ideas

    Long tables work perfectly in a barn setting. Instead of overpowering florals, line the tables with tree trunks, burlap, and mini arrangements of fresh flowers.

    Photo Credit: Town and Country Studios

  • Reception Ideas

    Draw the eyes up by decorating your ceiling with upside-down roses and fabric draping.

    Photo Credit: Studio Eleven Photography

  • Reception Ideas

    Dress up a barn wedding with oversized chandeliers and dozens of strands of lights.

    Photo Credit: Jason Qualls

  • Reception Ideas

    Instead of glass or metal chargers, use a tree slice at each place setting.

    Photo Credit: Cassie Jones Photography

  • Reception Ideas

    Personalize your Mason jars to turn them into fun wedding keepsakes as well.

    Photo Credit: A Guy + A Girl Photography

  • Reception Ideas

    Instead of lighting a fire in the fireplace, place dozens of tree stumps and candles inside.

    Photo Credit: Claire Pacelli Photography

  • Reception Ideas

    Display quotes from your favorite country songs. This “Honey Bee” line is perfect for your bar!

    Photo Credit: Shoreshotz Photography

  • Reception Ideas

    Let your guests know your wedding hashtag with a cute chalkboard sign decorated with burlap pendants.

    Photo Credit: Crystal Satriano Photography

  • Centerpieces

    Place your centerpieces in cowboy boots instead of vases.

    Photo Credit: Two One Photography

  • Centerpieces

    Wine bottles repurposed as table numbers pop against the neutral hues of the burlap table cloth and tree stump centerpiece.

    Photo Credit: Town and Country Studios

  • Centerpieces

    Create a “cage” out of twigs, and decorate it with flowers, berries, and candles.

    Photo Credit: Andie Freeman Photography

  • Centerpieces

    Raise your centerpieces above the table with towering branches, ferns, and moss.

    Photo Credit: Mel Barlow

  • Photo Inspiration

    A picture-perfect photo on top of a roll of hay.

  • Photo Inspiration

    Frame yourselves with a heart made of branches.

    Photo Credit: Two One Photography

  • Photo Inspiration

    Recreate the infamous American Gothic painting.

    Photo Credit: POPography

  • Dessert

    Display your dessert options on tree trunks.

    Photo Credit: Abby Rose Photo

  • Cake

    From the etched-in initials to the lovebird cake topper, this tree-inspired cake is a rustic dream.

    Photo Credit: Blue Dahlia Photography

  • Cake

    This pumpkin patch-inspired cake is especially fun for a fall wedding.

    Photo Credit: Ace Photography

  • Cake

    A tiered cookie cake is a wonderfully homespun take on the classic wedding dessert.

    Photo Credit: Brandy Angel Photography

  • Cake

    Deconstruct your cake and display individual tiers on multi-leveled tree trunk cake stands.

    Photo Credit: Joshua McCoy Photography

  • Cake

    Wrap your cake with burlap, and top it with a vintage-inspired silhouette.

    Photo Credit: Amy Aiello Photography



Winter Weddings – One Of Long Island’s Best Wedding Venues

Consider a Winter Wedding at Windows on the Lake located right on the water at beautiful Lake Ronkonkoma.

Windows on the Lake features beautiful views of Lake Ronkonkoma from every room with the most breathtaking sunsets, that your guests will ever see.

Windows On The Lake is premier waterfront wedding venue on Long Island and strives to deliver memorable experiences to everyone. That is why we offer winter wedding specials so that all of our Brides can enjoy the same gourmet cuisine, the same impeccable service, the same beautiful reception venue, but during the winter months, and at a fraction of the cost of a wedding at another time of the year.

The staff at this amazing waterfront wedding venue can help you celebrate the wedding of your dreams in sophistication and elegance at a price you can afford. Whether you are having an evening wedding with thousands of sparkling lights and fireworks lighting up the night or a sunset wedding overlooking the water in our outdoor chapel you and your guests will remember your day for a lifetime.

Our team of experienced catering professional will take pride in orchestrating your event to ensure it is a day you and your guests will talk about for a lifetime. Our banquet managers are here to help personally assistance with the planning and coordination of your big day. Which includes tastings and vendor showcase invites, the perfect staff to guest ratio, and a superior standard of culinary cuisine that defines.

All-Inclusive Packages For Every Budget!
Award Winning Wedding Cuisine By Top Chefs!
We offer full all-inclusive packages so everything is handled right here. There is no need to visit multiple event suppliers. From the wedding cake that you can create with our pastry chef to the menu preparation with our award winning catering chefs, and experienced photographers and florists you can rest easy and just enjoy your day! It’s our job to make sure everything is here and in it’s place so you can take center-stage and celebrate the night away at the wedding celebration of your dreams.

Our Features Include:

• Onsite wedding planners who are experienced in all of today’s trends
• Wedding cuisine from around the world prepared by award-winning chefs
• Customized wedding cakes prepared by our pastry chefs
• Specialized wedding packages to fit any budget
•Your own Bridal Attendant and Maitre’d
• Breath-taking picturesque waterfront gardens with breathtaking views
• Outdoor veranda’s with refreshments for your early arrivals
• Romantic waterfront chapels that can be custom designed
• Picturesque outdoor veranda and courtyards to hold your cocktail hour
• Elegant ballrooms overlooking the water

Give us a call at 631-737-0088 to speak with one of our experienced Banquet Managers who can help you start planning your special day.

We look forward to meeting with you soon!

Just fill out our form to register for the offer and we will contact you to make an appointment

*New booking for available dates

*Can’t combine offers* Other restrictions may apply

*restrictions may apply



Winter Weddings | Lake George’s Premier Winter Wedding

Just imagine saying “I Do” among lush forests blanketed in white snow or on the edge of a frozen lake with the majestic Adirondack Mountains serving as your backdrop. At The Sagamore, our 70-acre island resort is a picture-perfect setting for romantic winter weddings with options for both indoor and outdoor celebrations.

The Sagamore is also delighted to host all of your Lake George wedding events from the rehearsal dinner to the farewell brunch. Your magical moment can be staged just about anywhere you wish, with a wonderful collection of ceremony and reception sites by the lake, in our beautiful ballrooms and other scenic areas around the island. Our professional wedding coordinators will assist you in planning every detail of your special day, including the arrangements for your guests’ overnight accommodations, and exquisite cuisine from our talented chefs, as well as spa treatments for the bridal party and fun winter activities for your guests.

The team at The Sagamore is dedicated to making your celebration unforgettable, and we encourage you to come in for a site tour and experience our luxurious Lake George hotel for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our catering and events team for more information and to begin planning your Lake George wedding at the AAA Four-Diamond Sagamore resort.



25 Intimate Small Wedding Ideas and Tips

There are so many perks to having a small wedding. Not only does having a fewer number of guests cut down on wedding costs, but it also allows you and your guests to have more intimate social interactions.

Having a small wedding gives you the ability to get really creative with themes and seating charts, allowing you to leave a more personal touch that truly reflects you and your love. You’ll be able to create a relaxing and enjoyable environment for everyone.

If you are considering having a small wedding and are in need of some inspiration, check out these 25 small wedding ideas for the perfect intimate occasion. Once you find the idea that works for you, you’ll be itching to start planning and send out some adorable save the dates.

couple dancing at wedding

1. Choose a small, non traditional venue

Not having to fit hundreds of guests under one roof means that you are free to get creative with your venue. Consider getting married where you and your partner first met, like a coffee shop or library. This will make your day even more sentimental and meaningful.

2. City Hall wedding

Avoid the costs of a traditional wedding venue by getting married at City Hall. Be sure to check the maximum number of guests when you are setting your date so you can determine who to invite (and make sure to include your photographer!).

3. Replace formal caterer with food truck

Want to skip the caterer and opt for something a bit more unique? Hire a food truck for your outdoor reception. Consider trucks that serve dishes such as fresh woodfired pizza, falafel, street tacos and even ice cream trucks. Just be sure to attain the proper licenses and legal paperwork from your vendor ahead of time.

beach wedding

4. Destination wedding

Destination weddings are smaller in nature since many guests won’t be able to easily attend a wedding that’s far away. Perhaps you and your honey have a location you’re both dying to travel to. If so, this would be the perfect opportunity to cross it off your bucket lists. Plus you won’t need to go far for your honeymoon.

5. Try a potluck meal

If you plan to invite a small group of family and friends that have some culinary skill, consider a potluck meal for the reception. Ask each guest to bring their specialty dish. This is a great way for guests to get to know one another at your intimate wedding and maybe even swap recipes.

6. Camping celebration

Do you and your partner love the great outdoors? Go on a camping trip with a few family and friends and get married among the trees and tents. Supplement a wedding cake with some yummy s’mores and celebrate around the campfire.

bride and groom kiss in backyard wedding

7. Backyard wedding

Having a backyard wedding is a simple way to celebrate you and your partner’s love out of the comfort of your own home. Place tables and chairs under a canopy decorated with string lights and greenery for your guests to eat and socialize. You can even make a dance floor on the lawn with recycled wood pallets.

8. Make welcome gifts or wedding favors

Inviting just a few people frees up your budget to get creative with wedding favors. Treat guests to homemade pastries, preserves or granola or their own mug filled with coffee and tea.

9. Get creative with your seating plan

Fewer seats makes it easier to get creative with your seating arrangement. Play with different shapes or form a spiral aisle to walk down with the officiate in the center.

elegant wedding invitations

10. Make invitations more personal

Make your friends and family feel even more appreciated by calling each of them personally to invite them to your special day in addition to sending a formal invite. Try sending guests personalized champagne flutes as a save the date for a creative touch.

11. Plan events around the wedding

Perhaps you’re getting married in an exciting city. Organize some site-seeing to keep everyone entertained. Split guests into teams and compete in a fun scavenger hunt that is tailored to you and your partner’s interests. Have a special prize ready for the team who wins.

12. Create an intimate seating arrangement

Having fewer guests allows for a much more intimate reception where everyone can get to know one another. Choose to have one large circular table so everyone can conversate more easily.

bouquet of wedding flowers

13. Splurge wisely

Having a small wedding frees up your budget to splurge on a few key elements of your wedding. Whether it’s the flowers, the food or the venue, make sure you determine what is most important to you and your partner.

14. Have a brunch wedding

Celebrate your love with the most important meal of the day. Invite your family and friends over for brunch complete with Belgian waffles, mimosas, fresh fruit and muffins.

15. Shrink the bridal party

Having a small bridal party or none at all is very budget friendly and makes it easier to keep everyone organized. If you can’t imagine getting married without your bestie by your side, consider just having a maid of honor and best man for your bridal party.

wedding musician plays violin

16. Hire a few musicians or make a playlist

Having a few musicians at your small wedding is much more appropriate for an intimate number of guests. Hire some local talent or compile a reception song playlist of you and your love’s favorite songs and queue them up as you please.

17. Be sure to take group photos

Photographers can easily take group and wedding party photos with smaller weddings. Have guests stand together outside of the venue or ask your photographer to get an aerial shot of you and your guests standing in a heart formation.

18. Explore colored wedding dresses

For a non-traditional approach, opt for your favorite colored dress instead of a white gown. Celebrate your personality by wearing something unique and pairing it with a beautiful flower bouquet.

pink macaroons on a plate

19. Serve your favorite dessert

Ditch the fancy tiered cake for you and your partner’s favorite dessert. Choose a wedding pie, cupcakes or macaroons. Or show off your baking skills and make your own dessert!

20. Have fun group games

Provide guests with some fun activities that encourage them to socialize. Play giant outdoor jenga, limbo or even break open a pinata.

21. Throw a post-reception after party

Not ready to stop the celebration? Invite some guests over for an after party and some drinks after the reception is over.

wedding in the forest

22. Get married in the woods

String some lights between the trees, set up a few chairs for friends and family and sprinkle some flower petals down a makeshift aisle. This is a no-hassle way to celebrate an intimate moment with the ones you hold close.

23. Backyard BBQ wedding

Want a more casual reception with some delicious comfort food? Invite friends and family over for a backyard BBQ wedding. Avoid the fuss and enjoy some delicious ribs, pulled pork, corn on the cob and potato salad.

24. Consider getting married on a boat

For a more nautical experience, choose to get married on a boat or a small yacht. Your photographer can get some great photos of the ceremony with the city’s skyline in the background. Guests can opt for a dip in the sea during the reception and you and your partner can make an awesome exit on a jet ski.

just married car with married couple in it

25. Elope

Skip the fuss and spend the day with your love. Whether you choose to run away together or make a spur of the moment decision to elope, you have complete freedom to do whatever you want.

Not only is a small wedding budget-friendly, but it also gives you the freedom to make this special event branded to be a perfect reflection of you and your partner. After all, marriage is about celebrating the love between you and your significant other with the people you truly care about. Once the big day is over, create a personalized wedding album that you and your spouse will look through for years to come.



34 Things That Will Make You Say “I Wish I Did That At My Wedding!”

In a world full of Pinterest weddings (probably more fictional than real), most women have at least one moment in which they’ve seen a pin and said “I wish I did that at my wedding!”. Seeing other brides’ ideas and what has been done at other weddings is enough to inspire any bride-to-be…and keep you glued to your computer screen for hours on end. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite can’t miss surprises for your groom, your bridal party, your guests and even for yourself. From games to honoring the people you love, here are 34 great ideas that you’ll want to see come to life at your own wedding. 1. A live wedding painter to capture your ceremony/reception space and your guests Grey Likes Weddings 2. A wedding wheel with fun “prizes” for your guests to spin

Photo by Ren Davis of Studio 29 Photography 3. Arrange ceremony seats in a circular pattern around the couple so that everyone can see.
The Liberty Warehouse 4. Provide coasters that help people keep their drinks while dancing.
Buy at Evermine 5. Give guests to-go boxes so that they can take cake home.
Photo by Bliss Weddings & Events
Buy at BHLDN 7. Create cool door tags for guests who are traveling and stay overnight.
Buy at Designs by DVB on Etsy 8. Have a creative Mad-Lib RSVP card.
Buy at Gray Cloud Print on Etsy 9. Put photos of yourselves at different ages corresponding to table numbers for your guests to enjoy.
Kio Kreations 10. Make your ring bearer a ring security guard.
Photo by Megan Hartley Photography 11. Make/buy an inscribed handkerchief for your flower girl that she can save for when she gets married.
Buy at Napa Embroidery on Etsy 12. Add a pop of color on the tulle under your dress.
Photo by She – N- He Photography and Design 1. Instead of throwing rice….
Buy at thimblepress on Etsy 14. Compile addresses of all of the guests at your wedding.
Eliza Jane Photography 15. Leave fun facts about yourselves on the tables.
Buy at Seahorse Bend Press on Etsy 15. Honor guests that aren’t in your wedding party (or can’t be at your wedding).

(sign reads: please take a yellow rose and pin it on your lapel in honor of your sisterhood with the bride) Photo by Amy Arrington 16. Pin something sentimental on your bouquet.
Photograph by Alisha Brooks. Buy at ILovePaperkits on Etsy.
(This bride pinned her sorority sisters’ membership pins on her bouquet) Photo by Braska Jennea 17. Make your own Instagram hashtag that your guests can use. Not only is it fun for them, but it also allows you to see all of the pictures your guests uploaded to Instagram in one search.
Photo by Faithfully Focused Photography 18. A “Please Call Anyone But the Bride” list of phone numbers for your wedding party to keep stressful, last-minute problems away from the bride on her wedding day.
Photo by Brooke Courtney 19. Include a space on the RSVP where guests can request songs to play at the reception.

Buy at Love vs Design 20. Play The Shoe Game at your reception. The bride and the groom are seated back to back and each hold one of their partners’ shoes and one of their own. Then, the maid-of-honor, best man, and other guests read a list of “who” questions about the relationship (“Who does most of the cooking?”, “Who made the first move?”, etc.) to which the bride and groom hold up the shoe of the person who best fits the answer.
Photo by J.R. Phillips Photography 21. Attach your garter to a football for your husband to throw.
Photo by Amy Arrington 22. Write each other love letters on the day of your wedding and seal them closed in a box with a bottle of wine. Open the box on an anniversary.
Buy at Arrow Sarah on Etsy 23. Have the groom write a message to the bride on the bottom of her shoe the morning of the wedding.
Photo by Alea Lovely 24. ….or have bridesmaids do the same thing. It’s said that whoever’s name does not wear off by the end of the night is the next to get married!
Photo by Ericson-Wolfe Photography 25. Give each table a song name or lyric. When their song plays, the whole table has to get up and dance. If you are doing a buffet dinner, the song could also be the table’s cue to get food.

Photo by Lotus Blossom Photography 26. Create a piñata for you to break open on your first anniversary filled with notes from your wedding guests.
Photo by jenny demarco photography 27. Have guests sign a calendar with their birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Photo by Robyn Navarro Photography 28. Guests throw darts at balloons filled with paint attached to a canvas. You keep the art.
Photo by Katelyn James Photography 29. Leave advice/prediction cards about your future together for guests to fill out.

Red Fly Photography 30. Number your RSVPs with a black light or regular pen so that you know which guests responded or to help read illegible handwriting.
Found at My Coin Purse 31. Take a picture of the rings with a newspaper from the day of your wedding.Photo by Ashley Bartoletti Photography 32. Throw heart-shaped confetti made of pages from your favorite book.

Buy at Tree Town Paper on Etsy 33. Instead of asking for registry items, let guests donate to your honeymoon fund (also known as a nice way to ask for money as a gift).
Buy at Lola Love Notes on Etsy 34. Incorporate cake pops that match your wedding invitations
Cake Pops Designed by Sweet Lauren Cakes, Wedding Stationery by Wedding Paper Divas



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Real Weddings, Real Wedding Photos

One of the best ways to gather beautiful ideas, discover your dream venue, or find talented vendors for your own nuptials is to source inspiration from couples who are just like you. That’s where our Real Weddings come into play! Filter Real Wedding photos by venue type, season, style, color palette, and location below to find exactly what you need.

Featured today

Marc and Wilmlie’s wedding in Pocomoke City, Delaware

Photography / Duane Sanabria Photography

Venue / Maryland Yacht Club

Style / Rustic, Fall

View wedding The wedding of Wilmlie and Marc

Recent Real Weddings

Get inspired with over 9,800 Real Weddings submitted by couples and photographers.

The wedding of Alicia and Nathaniel The wedding of Alicia and Nathaniel 1 The wedding of Alicia and Nathaniel 2 29 Photos The wedding of Alicia and Nathaniel 3

Nathaniel & Alicia

Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa at Keauhou Bay

Beach, Spring

The wedding of Amy  and Vincent The wedding of Amy  and Vincent 1 The wedding of Amy  and Vincent 2 15 Photos The wedding of Amy  and Vincent 3

Vincent & Amy

Bronx, New York

The New York Botanical Garden

Classic, Spring

The wedding of Lynne and Jai The wedding of Lynne and Jai 1 The wedding of Lynne and Jai 2 48 Photos The wedding of Lynne and Jai 3

Jai & Lynne


The Alida Hotel

Elegant, Fall

The wedding of Grace and Kyle The wedding of Grace and Kyle 1 The wedding of Grace and Kyle 2 225 Photos The wedding of Grace and Kyle 3

Kyle & Grace


The Betsy – South Beach


The wedding of Mary and Vikram The wedding of Mary and Vikram 1 The wedding of Mary and Vikram 2 32 Photos The wedding of Mary and Vikram 3

Vikram & Mary

Purcellville, District of Columbia

Sylvanside Farm

Rustic, Summer

The wedding of Tiffany and Kyle The wedding of Tiffany and Kyle 1 The wedding of Tiffany and Kyle 2 17 Photos The wedding of Tiffany and Kyle 3

Kyle & Tiffany

Inverness, Florida

Lakeside Ranch

Rustic, Summer

The wedding of Deanna and Tom The wedding of Deanna and Tom 1 The wedding of Deanna and Tom 2 72 Photos The wedding of Deanna and Tom 3

Tom & Deanna

Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Inn at St. John’s

Elegant, Summer

The wedding of Lauren and Will The wedding of Lauren and Will 1 The wedding of Lauren and Will 2 34 Photos The wedding of Lauren and Will 3

Will & Lauren


Ignite Glass Studios

Classic, Summer

The wedding of Ady and Ethan The wedding of Ady and Ethan 1 The wedding of Ady and Ethan 2 59 Photos The wedding of Ady and Ethan 3

Ethan & Ady

San Luis Obispo, California

Avila Beach Golf Resort

Elegant, Summer

The wedding of Jennifer and Fernando The wedding of Jennifer and Fernando 1 The wedding of Jennifer and Fernando 2 46 Photos The wedding of Jennifer and Fernando 3

Fernando & Jennifer

Naperville, Illinois

Abbington Distinctive Banquets

Casual, Summer



100 Ideas for Summer Weddings

X 100 Ideas for Summer Weddings From color palettes to centerpieces to cakes, get tons of inspiration for a summer wedding. Having a beach wedding? Check out 50 more ideas just for you! By: Kristen O’Gorman Klein Enter Slideshow Bouquets Bouquets -139182 A simple bouquet of sunflowers makes a bold impact. Photo Credit: Wren Photography BouquetsBring a beachy vibe to a landlocked wedding with this coral-inspired wildflower bouquet. Photo Credit: Kathleen Hertel Photography BoutonnièresA boutonnière of spray garden roses and dusty miller gives off a vintage feel. Photo Credit: Dixie Pixel Photography BoutonnièresChoose hardy flowers for your boutonnière so that it won’t wilt as the day progresses. Photo Credit: Figlewicz Photography Bridesmaids’ DressesYellow is a cheerful choice for summer. Let your ‘maids each choose their own dress in this happy color. Photo Credit: Daniel Kim Photography Bridesmaids’ DressesPatterned bridesmaids’ dresses are fresh and fun for summer. Photo Credit: Wren Photography Bridesmaids’ DressesSunflower-printed bridesmaids dresses are a delightful pick for summer weddings. Photo Credit: Orange Photographie Bridesmaids’ DressesWe love how these bridesmaids’ bouquets coordinate perfectly with their printed dresses. Photo Credit: Vitalic Photo Bridesmaids’ DressesWe love this bright shade paired with natural-hued wedges. Bonus: with wedges, your girls won’t have to worry about their stilettos sinking into the grass as they walk down the aisle. Photo Credit: JoPhoto Bridesmaids’ AccessoriesJazz up inexpensive flip flops with sweet bows in your wedding colors. Photo Credit: Snappy Shots by Bev Attire for GroomsmenBright blue ties and yellow boutonnières pop against tan suits. Photo Credit: Casey Durgin Photography Attire for GroomsmenDress your men in easy-breezy shorts and lightweight button-downs. Have the groomsmen wear shorts that match the bridesmaids’ dresses, and let the groom stand out in white! Photo Credit: Daniel Kim Photography Attire for GroomsmenFor a lightened-up yet still formal look, try white or ivory tux jackets. Photo Credit: Rich Kessler Photography Ring BearersYour ring bearer will be a lot happier if you don’t force him into a hot suit. Photo Credit: Photo Love Ring BearersIncorporate your favorite summer activity, like this baseball-inspired ring pillow. Photo Credit: Nashville Wedding Photographer Derek Lee Ceremony IdeasAttach programs that double as fans to each seat — that way, you can ensure that no guest will be without a cooling device. Photo Credit: Sherman Chu Ceremony IdeasProvide chilled bottled water for your guests at the ceremony. Photo Credit: Brett and Jessica Ceremony IdeasProvide parasols for your guests to shade themselves during the ceremony. Photo Credit: Orange Photographie Ceremony IdeasWant an outdoor ceremony but don’t want to sacrifice the dramatic moment when the doors are thrown open and everyone sees you for the first time in your gown? Bring the doors outside! Photo Credit: Wren Photography Ceremony IdeasOversized umbrellas will keep your guests out of the sun’s harsh rays. Photo Credit: Memoire Studio Ceremony IdeasHave your guests blow bubbles as you leave the ceremony. Photo Credit: Poem84 Ceremony DécorDress up the area above your aisle for even more eye candy. Photo Credit: John Labbe / Wedding Planner: Preston Bailey TransportationRelax in open-air transportation, like a trolley. Photo Credit: Azelle Photography Food & DrinksCotton candy will have your guests feeling nostalgic for summer carnivals. Photo Credit: Heather Fitch Photography Food & DrinksAlcohol-infused popsicles are a fun choice for your cocktail hour. Photo Credit: Mr. Haack Food & DrinksIce cream isn’t the only thing that can be served in a cone — pass trays of tuna tartar in waffle cones. Photo Credit: Shoreshotz Weddings Food & DrinksServe up filet mignon sliders for an upscale take on classic barbecue fare. Photo Credit: Craig Paulson Photography Food & DrinksIt’s your wedding day – enjoy an ice cream cone! Photo Credit: J. Larose Studios Food & DrinksA layered dessert inspired by push-up popsicles, a childhood favorite. Photo Credit: Shoreshotz Weddings Reception IdeasString lanterns from the trees — they’ll help keep the bugs away from your guests. Photo Credit: Santana Photography Reception IdeasA clear tent gives you the best of both worlds — you’re protected from the elements while still dining and dancing under the stars. Photo Credit: Annie X Photographie Reception IdeasWhen the sun goes down, light up some fire pits to create a rustic backyard vibe. Photo Credit: Christian Oth Studio Escort CardsMake your escort cards work double duty by also providing a refreshing treat. Photo Credit: Ira Lippke Studios CenterpiecesMini arrangements of sunflowers in mason jars, accented with burlap, create the perfect rustic table setting. Photo Credit: Wren Photography CenterpiecesUse contrasting colors in your centerpiece to really make it pop. Photo Credit: Diane Askew Photography CenterpiecesAdd a nautical touch with rope-wrapped centerpieces. Photo Credit: Jack Deutsch © The Stonesong Press, LLC. CenterpiecesPlace your flowers in upcycled wine crates for a lovely vintage vibe. Photo Credit: Ken Kienow CenterpiecesInstead of oversized floral arrangements, place a mini cake on each table. Photo Credit: Lola Rose Photography CenterpiecesWorried about your flowers wilting? Use floating candles for your centerpieces instead. Photo Credit: Inspired By This via Reception DécorThe black and white dance floor transforms a backyard into an elegant, glamorous location for a wedding reception. Photo Credit: Abby Jiu Photography Reception DécorLight up the night with strands of café lights. Photo Credit: Jessamyn Harris Reception DécorGarden-glam centerpieces with family photos displayed in reclaimed windows. Photo Credit: Rochelle Mort Photography Reception DécorString chandeliers and twinkle lights above the dance floor. Photo Credit: Picotte Photography Reception DécorHang small arrangements of cheery flowers, like sunflowers, behind the head table. Photo Credit: Wren Photography Reception DécorMake a beautiful outdoor space look more luxurious with elegant chandeliers hanging from the trees. Photo Credit: Aaron Delesie Reception DécorAdd a beachy vibe with this soft color palette and laid-back furniture. Photo Credit: Liz Banfield Photography Wedding CakesAccent a simple cake with tropical flowers. Photo Credit: Life’s Highlights Wedding CakesA chocolate cake accented with sunflower and topped with lovebirds. Photo Credit: Wren Photography Wedding CakesWith a naked wedding cake, you don’t have to worry about the frosting melting during an outdoor reception. Photo Credit: Alea Lovely Fine Art Photographer Wedding CakesA sweet strawberry-themed cake, complete with a basket of strawberries on the top, trimmed with rich white-chocolate strawberries and delicate strawberry blossoms. Photo Credit: Choco Studio Wedding CakesNot a fan of cake? Serve a tier of pies instead featuring the season’s best fruit. Photo Credit: Jose Villa Wedding CakesA tower of cake pops will stand up to the heat on even the hottest of days. Photo Credit: Sweet Lauren Cakes FavorsGive out sunglasses personalized with your names and wedding date in your wedding colors. Photo Credit: William Walker Photography FavorsYour guests will recall happy memories of your wedding every time they use these beer koozies, customized with a beautiful photo of your favorite beach. Photo Credit: Life’s Highlights FavorsSend your guests home with a delicious, personalized frozen treat. Photo courtesy of eCreamery Must-Have PhotosOr take it up a notch with this fiery idea, accomplished with flaming steel wool! Photo Credit: Nathan Desch Must-Have PhotosTake advantage of the warm weather to gather all of your loved ones in a fun group photo. Photo Credit: Inspire Photography Sendoff IdeasFor a dramatic sendoff, release lanterns into the night sky. Photo Credit: JoPhoto


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