See our favorite floral arrangements for brides, which offer plenty of beautiful and creative ideas for your own wedding clutch.

A bride’s floral arrangement is arguably the second most important part of her outfit, ranking immediately behind the wedding dress. Therefore, we encourage you to a put a lot of thought into the flowers you carry down the aisle! If you’re wondering how to make your bridal bouquet extra special, it helps to turn to some inspiration. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with 50 of our all-time favorite arrangements. The bundles here feature some of the most creative shapes, memorable shades, and beautiful flowers out there.

No matter your style, we think there’s something ahead that’ll catch your eye. That’s because we’ve spotlighted such a wide range of clutches. Some of the following arrangements are definitively seasonal—you’ll love the many fall bridal bouquets, for example. Others adhere to certain themes, like rustic, modern, and tropical. Plus, there are many that embrace totally unique color palettes.

Click through to get a hefty dose of pretty delivered right to your screen. Don’t just browse the photos, though—read their captions, too. We’ve explained exactly why we’ve selected each bridal bouquet. Additionally, we’ve provided details regarding the hues and blooms they include. Of course, we’ve also credited them to their respective floral designers, so you might even find the perfect big-day florist for you!

We’ll kick things off with this gigantic Bows + Arrows bouquet, which contained peonies, sweet peas, and garden roses and a mix of other colorful blooms. While the leading lady admitted that the cascading bridal bouquet was quite heavy, the wow factor was so worth it.

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Ombré Bridal Bouquet

We’re obsessed with this Wilder Floral Co. bouquet’s gradient effect, which was created using sweet peas, garden roses, stock flowers, and ranunculus in shades of pink and white.

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Local Bridal Bouquet

When you’re tying the knot far from home, it’s a good idea to embrace the local floral and fauna. For this wedding in Thailand, Bows + Arrows Flowers created the bride’s bouquet using all-white flowers from the area.

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Structural Bridal Bouquet

Have you ever seen an arrangement so unique? Here, Inessa Nichols Design made bold choices that definitely paid off—so much so that the bride cried when she saw the finished product. The remarkable bouquet included everything from birds of paradise blooms to dried sago fronds in vibrant hues.

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Rosy Bridal Bouquet

What’s more romantic than soft shades of pink mixed with rich red hues? Here, Blossom + Vine used peonies, garden roses, and seasonal foliage in that exact color palette.

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Colorful Bridal Bouquet

This charming wedding was all about color, right down to the oh-so-pretty Flora bouquet. The pink, yellow, orange, and purple arrangement spotlighted scabiosa, garden roses, anemones, ranunculus, sweet peas, and other beautiful blooms.

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Subdued Bridal Bouquet

Of course, you don’t need bold colors to make a statement—subdued hues, like these ones, can be just as breathtaking. Rosegolden arranged this clematis, hellebore, ranunculus, lilac, and bleeding heart bouquet in a breathtaking teardrop shape.

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Modern Bridal Bouquet

Some of our favorite bouquets revamp tradition. Take this Amaryllis Floral & Event Design clutch, which featured classic colors (green and white) but a unique mix of orchids and ferns. The splash of yellow also impressed!

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Trailing Bridal Bouquet

We’re so in love with vines in bouquets, and can you really blame us? This purple, pink, orange, and green arrangement was ultra romantic thanks to its trailing passionflower greenery. The Nature Composed clutch also included clematis, garden roses, elderberry, dahlias, and scabiosa.

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Glowing Bridal Bouquet

Okay, so this bouquet didn’t actually glow, but its golden tones made it look nearly luminous. The Southern Table crafted it using roses, hellebores, bougainvillea, and more.

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Monochrome Bridal Bouquet

If you’re wearing a white wedding dress and you want your bouquet to really pop, consider a monochromatic clutch in an extra saturated color. This fuchsia one, by Tailor & Table, held peonies, scabiosa, sweet peas, ranunculus, and amaranthus.

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Cascading Bridal Bouquet

Rye Workshop took this bride’s request for a cascading bouquet very seriously. The length of her orchid, protea, gomphrena, lily, and clematis vine arrangement was absolutely jaw-dropping. Its pink, white, and green shades coordinated with her tropical event’s décor.

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Bridal Bouquet with Ribbons

We love all sorts of bouquet ribbons, but these ones looked especially elegant and complemented the warm hues in this Ever Something clutch. It also featured dahlias, ranunculus, and roses.

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Classic Bridal Bouquet

If a classic, romantic bouquet is what you’re after, take note of this arrangement by Victoria Ahn of Designs by Ahn. The bride carried a muted mix of quicksand roses, anemones, garden roses, astilbe, ranunculus, and greenery.

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Lilac Bridal Bouquet

As a nod to this bride’s love of lilacs, Fern Floral & Event Design created a bouquet made entirely of the fluffy blooms in various shades. If you have a favorite flower, your personal arrangement is the perfect place to show it off.

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Big Bridal Bouquet

It’s no wonder this large Bows + Arrows bouquet felt so painterly—the entire wedding was inspired by Monet artwork. It boasted peonies, garden roses, and more in romantic shades of pink and purple.

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Romantic Bridal Bouquet

Bows + Arrows sure knows how to design lush bouquets! This beautifully long, light-pink arrangement was comprised of garden roses, dahlias, snowberries, scabiosa, ranunculus, blushing bride protea, and greenery.

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Fall Bridal Bouquet

Seasonal blooms are always recommended, but we’re especially in love with incorporating fall foliage into an autumn arrangement. This loose Rumphius Flowers bouquet also included dahlias, roses, carnations, and chocolate cosmos in on-theme shades like red and yellow.

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Sweet Bridal Bouquet

Fivefork Farms arranged this peony, ranunculus, and ivy bouquet, which looked especially sweet thanks to its plush flowers and light-pink hues.

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Local Bridal Bouquet

Region is just as important as season. This bride’s bountiful Natalie Bowen Designs bouquet looked so fresh because it featured local blooms, including dahlias and jasmine. We also love the warm palette of oranges, reds, and pinks.

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Simple Bridal Bouquet

Sometimes, less really is more. This all-white Keith J. Laverty arrangement contained just two statement flowers: gardenias and stephanotis. The former were the bride’s grandmother’s favorite flower, which made the bouquet even sweeter.

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Destination Bridal Bouquet

Here, Studio Mondine smartly combined butterfly ranunculus, lisianthus, hyacinths, tuberoses, parrot tulips, and palm leaves. The tropical colors (green, white, and orange) suited the couple’s destination wedding.

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Fashionable Bridal Bouquet

We’re impressed with how this bride took coordinating her details to the next level. Her lovely Flora Designs by Jamae bouquet (which held everything from pink roses to purple clematis) was tied with the same floral fabric used throughout the rest of her wedding.

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Unexpected Bridal Bouquet

Have you ever seen a bridal bouquet quite like this before? We bet you haven’t. The full TOAST Santa Barbara clutch featured protea, pieris, pepper tree foliage, and pampas grass.

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Dreamy Bridal Bouquet

We chose this Florésie arrangement for its simply ethereal appearance, which was achieved with the help of white, light-pink, and light-orange roses.

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Creative Bridal Bouquet

How do you convince a bride who doesn’t want a bouquet to have one? Just ask Blumenstudio. They won over a skeptical client with this awesome red-and-orange bouquet. It was comprised of chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, eucalyptus, amaranthus, gomphrena, and copper grass.

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Rich Bridal Bouquet

Berry hues are ever popular, and this Amanda Vidmar Design arrangement proved why. The organic-looking bouquet came with roses, chocolate cosmos, thistle, and other richly colored blooms.

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Round Bridal Bouquet

Shape is important, and there are lots of options. We’re fond of this white Fleur de V Events bouquet, whose clematis and garden roses were arranged in a classic-meets-modern round-but-loose style.

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Surreal Bridal Bouquet

Wow. The mega pink English garden roses in this Bows + Arrows bouquet were so large, they looked surreal.

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Cheery Bridal Bouquet

This Moon Canyon Design posy defined cheerful. Its garden roses, poppies, fritillaria, spirea, and ranunculus came in the happiest, sweetest yellow and orange shades.

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Dahlia Bridal Bouquet

If you want an airy, dreamy bouquet, just look to this Saipua creation for ideas. The mix of roses, cosmos, dahlias, and astilbe was perfectly romantic and the soft colors would complement any wedding season or style.

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Classic Bridal Bouquet

Here’s another modern take on traditional bouquet colors: green and white. This sprawling Branco Prata Studios arrangement featured peonies, hellebores, viburnum, lysimachia, ruscus, roses, delphinium, and dahlias.

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Bridal Bouquet with Feathers

We’re all about creative bouquet inclusions, especially when they’re masterfully incorporated into the rest of the arrangement. The feathers tied into this amaryllis, rose, and peony bouquet so well, in part because the rustic accents meshed with the autumnal color palette. Mindy Rice dreamt up the stunning clutch.

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Delicate Bridal Bouquet

This bride was drawn to delicate peonies, but instead of working with just those, Rosehip expertly complemented the light-pink blooms with flowers in matching colors.

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Wild Bridal Bouquet

When this bride asked for a wild-looking bouquet, Shotgun Floral Studio majorly delivered, mixing anthurium, fringe tulips, astilbe, ranunculus, and other mulitcolored floral componenets.

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Artsy Bridal Bouquet

You want your bouquet to look good in person and in wedding photos. This amazing Molly Ryan Floral bouquet achieved both, thanks to its pretty-as-a-picture structure. It was comprised of lilies of the valley, fritillaria, muscari, lady’s-slipper orchids, hellebores, and crispy wave ferns in shades of white and green.

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DIY Bridal Bouquet

This bride leads UrbanStems, so she took matters into her own hands—what she came up with seriously impressed. Working with just pink and white roses plus greenery, she designed an unforgettable cascading arrangement.

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Spring Bridal Bouquet

Spring never fails to impress with beatiful blooms. Neither do spring bouquets, like this Urban Petals one. It capitalized on seasonal colors (like pink and orange) while also embracing seasonal blooms (like anemones, roses, dogwood, sweet peas, and ranunculus).

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Small Bridal Bouquet

This bride’s bright Lambert Floral Studio arrangement was on the smaller side. That being said, the orange marigolds were amazingly loud and proud.

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Uniform Bridal Bouquet

We like how this Artisan Event Floral Décor bouquet used roses, ranunculus, and seeded eucalyptus consistently throughout. It also emphasized just three colors: red, orange, and yellow.

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Rustic Bridal Bouquet

This organically imperfect Intertwine bouquet (featuring roses, anemones, and more) was absolutely stunning. It was also seasonal, thanks to its fall color palette.

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Abundant Bridal Bouquet

Can you tell how much we love lush bouquets? We picked this Honey & Poppies one in particular because it was full of unique orchid varieties in shades of white and orange.

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Muted Bridal Bouquet

What this bouquet lacked in color, it gorgeously made up for in structure. (Of course, muted shades aren’t a bad thing either way—they looked simply stunning here.) Flower Wild used peonies, sprawling foliage, and more to achieve the style.

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Botanical Bridal Bouquet

This bride loved her bouquet’s botanical feel, which came together thanks to its pink and white flowers and berries. Max Gill Design crafted the special clutch.

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Deep Bridal Bouquet

Posey Floral + Event Design spotlighted deep, warm colors in this head-turning bridal bouquet. The arrangement featured dinnerplate dahlias, chocolate cosmos, astrantia, scabiosa, pampas grass, astilbe, and ranunculus, plus plenty of foliage.

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Charming Bridal Bouquet

This bouquet, by Holly Heider Chapple, was another example of the power of pink, red, and orange. The joyful arrangement included dahlias, zinnias, scabiosa, and amaranthus, among other fresh additions.

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Unique Bridal Bouquet

Looking for some truly one-of-a-kind inspiration? Check out this yellow-and-orange design by Hart, which was made up of flannel flowers, ranunculus, quicksand roses, chrysanthemums, dried palms, and—wait for it—mushrooms.

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Tropical Bridal Bouquet

This bride put it best when she said her bouquet combined two themes: tropical and romantic. Tai Flora backed the posy’s white roses with green monstera leaves.

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Standout Bridal Bouquet

This bride proved that your bouquet doesn’t have to match the rest of your event. In fact, we’re including her red-and-orange Canteiro Weddings arrangement because it constrasted against her wedding’s mostly-blue color scheme. The vibrant clutch featured roses, berries, and tropical foliage.

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